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Springfield Armory Op Rod Spring

springfield armory op rod spring

Shotgun Spring Cleaning! Used from the start of production to s n 52,000. - Shop for 185 and related items available for purchase.

Op Rod Spring Guide, National Match. Stamped Flat Lower Band. Follower Rod Milled No Comp Spring. With a huge selection of pistols and rifles, is the premier manufacturer of quality handguns springfield armory op rod spring for protection and competitive shooting. Milled Grooved Lower Band. This eliminates the. My rifle is a . This is the standard spring guide that comes on all lower lever SAI rifles. Tech offer 5 manuals and user's guides for free.

Shipping requires an oversized box so shipping is $10. Customer ratings for Op Rod Spring Guide.

This guide is flat and allows the round spring it guides to bunch up in a non-linear. 62mm Black Composite Stock, Carbon Barrel Rifle MA9106.

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