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Rcbs Powder Bushings Powder Bushing 447

rcbs powder bushings powder bushing 447

Check powder drops with a reliable scale. Hornady and RCBS bushings are interchangeable. The Hornady 366 Auto Progressive Shotshell Press Powder Bushings are great for fine tuning your shotshell load.

For use with The Grand or Mini Grand shotshell reloader. 456 inches). Powder density, moisture content, and loading technique can cause a variation from the bushing weights listed on the charts. Powder bushing are identified by numbers that correspond to the size of their inside diameter. The bushings make it easy to change from one load to another.

Bushings listed, but not offered from RCBS, can be obtained from other manufacturers. Technique and or powder variables.

Made for both powder and shot, these bushings let you easily change from one load to another.

Product Info for RCBS Powder Bushing #447 - 89130. Consult powder bushing charts before reloading to see which bushing is correct for your powder. Powder bushings can vary in the charge weight they drop and could vary as much as several grains under certain conditions. The RCBS Grand Powder Bushing comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all of the most popular cartridge case calibers.

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