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Rcbs Powder Bushings Powder Bushing 390

rcbs powder bushings powder bushing 390

RCBS Powder bushings are identified by numbers that correspond to the size of their inside diameter. This Grand Powder Bushing was specifically designed for use with the RCBS Grand and the RCBS Mini Grand Shotshell press. Simply "split the difference" between the two even-grain bushings and select bushings nearest the result. Reference the MEC Bushing chart to verify the correct powder drop for the load you intend to use. Product Info for RCBS Powder Bushing #390 - 89116. Designed so shot and powder bushings cannot be accidentally reversed in the charge bar.

Charges By Powder: Accurate Solo 1250 16 Grains, Accurate #2 Improved 21 Grains, Alliant Blue Dot 22 Grains, Hodgdon HS-6 29 Grains, Hodgdon. Powder bushings can vary in the charge weight they drop and could vary as much as several grains under certain conditions. The RCBS Powder Bushing #390 is made from aluminum. Bushings listed, but not offered from RCBS, can be obtained from other manufacturers. RCBS Powder Bushing #390.

Mechanical and electronic powder measures, stands, funnels, accessories, and more for dispensing the accurate amount of powder load for safe shooting. RCBS Gear has elevated the bullet reloading niche for a very long time, and the RCBS Powder Bushing #390 - 89116 is verification of their resolve for helping you make reloading an enjoyable and easy process. Daily Deal. The RCBS Grand Powder Bushing comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all of the most popular cartridge case calibers. Availability: In stock soon, waiting for delivery. Check powder drops with a reliable scale.

Interchanges with Hornady powder bushings. It is identified by numbers that correspond to the size of its inside diameter.

The bushings make it easy to change from one load to another.

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