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Rcbs Large Pistol Ammo Box

rcbs large pistol ammo box

The RCBS Large Pistol Ammunition Box for 45ACP are tough, plastic boxes that have flush exteriors with recessed latches. The top of this green ammo box is marked "RCBS" and below in smaller print ". rcbs, For 45acp, 44 Special, Green 86906. Producer: RCBS.

Units per Box: 1 Fit: Large Pistol Ammo - 45ACP, 44SPC Description: Ammo Box. Mtm pistol ammo boxes. It is designed to stack easily and have a anti-rattle bullet-tip nest and empty case support built in.

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Fit : Large Pistol Ammo - 45ACP, 44SPC.

Product Info for pistol - 86906. ammo box large pistol green. pistol Green. Theyre designed to stack easily for efficiency, no matter how much ammunition you plan to bring. The MTM Case-Gard P-100's have an easy to grip. Build your cache and keep ammunition on hand at all times with our selection of pistol ammo boxes.

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