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Lee Precision Case Length Gauges Lee Length Gauge Shellholder 40 S W

lee precision case length gauges lee length gauge shellholder 40 s w

2 90154 LEE CASE LENGTH GAUGE & #19 SHELL HOLDER for 40 SMITH & WESSON -90154 LEE CASE. Lee Guarantee History of Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Favorite Links Help Videos Help Pictures Product Instructions FAQs Contact. Case Trimming with Lee - : 5:54 HereToLearn442 11 411. Dont forget, you will need a Lee Cutter and Lock Stud to go along with the CASE LENGTH GAUGE AND SHELL HOLDER! After a case has been loaded a few times it will stretch beyond maximum length and must be trimmed. Trim cases by hand or electrically. Click here for price! 100-010-047WB Lee Length Gauge Shellholder. Lee Case Length Gauge and Shellholder 40 S&W 90154. 100010047 Lee Length Gauge Shellholder.

Includes Case Length Gauge and Shellholder only. We will need to know the desired trim length, and either the bullet diameter or a couple sized sample cases. Mfr Part: 90019.

00 plus shipping. 500 S&W Mag. Eliminates danger of long cases. The hardened steel Case Length Gauge is precisely sized to produce cases perfectly trimmed to the SAAMI. Your Silver Bullet in Reloading Supplies! The Lee Case Length Gauge is a precise and easy way to trim brass cases to length and square the case mouth.

The cost for this service is $16. 500 S&W Mag : 9000199 Lee Case Length Gauge Holder. Lee case length gauges. Used with the Cutter and Lock Stud. Product Overview.

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